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Citizenship and naturalization: Applying for naturalization

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2016 | Citizenship

Foreign nationals who would like to obtain citizenship in the United States must fulfill very specific requirements. Unfortunately, nothing about the citizenship and naturalization process is simple. There is a lot that one must go through in order to complete the process. How do immigrants residing in California or elsewhere apply for naturalization?

The process which a foreign national must go through to achieve citizenship in the United States is called naturalization. A formal application for naturalization must be submitted and an interview may be required. Before this can be done, though, those who wish to go through this process generally must meet certain residency requirements and pass the necessary exams.

Residency requirements for naturalization do vary based on one’s individual circumstances; however, the standard permanent residency requirement is five years. Those who are married to current citizens may only have to wait three years. Also, those who have qualifying military service experience may not have to wait as long if they meet all other eligibility requirements. An experienced attorney can review one’s individual circumstances and help one take the proper course of action when the timing is right.

Going through the citizenship and naturalization process can be confusing. Those in California who are interested in applying for citizenship through naturalization may benefit from having someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of the system on their side. An experienced immigrantion attorney can assist such individuals throughout the process of seeking citizenship, including dealing with appealing those cases that — for whatever the reason — have been denied.

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