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Accusations of fraud after citizenship and naturalization granted

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Citizenship

Over 800 immigrants who reside all across the country — possibly even in California — were supposedly granted U.S. citizenship by accident. Now, after successfully achieving citizenship and naturalization, many of these individuals are facing accusations of immigrantion fraud. Those facing such accusations can seek legal assistance in the effort to maintain their citizenship status and avoid deportation.

According to a recent report, a fingerprinting error resulted in approximately 858 immigrants being granted citizenship. Many of these individuals are believed to have had pending deportation orders or have come from countries with which the United States has concerns and questions regarding national security. The inspector general of the Homeland Security Department claims that the lack of fingerprints and discrepancies over names and birth dates led to the granting of citizenship.

Each of these cases was reviewed due to a lack of digital fingerprint records. As a result, some individuals have ultimately had their citizenship revoked, others have lost security clearances needed for employment and all of these individuals are facing accusations that can hurt them personally and professionally. At the end of the day, a lack of digital records does not mean fraud was committed, and many of these individuals do actually qualify for citizenship.

Fighting to maintain citizenship and naturalization after it is granted may not seem like something that should need to be done, but for over 800 people it has become a necessity. Those in California who have been affected by this alleged digital records error may seek legal assistance in order to gain an understanding of their options. Though nothing about this situation will be easy to resolve, with the right help, it may be possible to fight the accusations of fraud and take the steps necessary in order to keep or reclaim one’s citizenship status.

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