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It is possible to appeal asylum decisions

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | Asylum

A man in northern California was recently granted the ability to reopen his asylum case. This is something that many immigrants coming to the state dream about, but struggle to achieve. With the right help, however, it is possible to appeal asylum decisions.

It was recently reported that, at the end of August, an El Salvadoran native currently living in the San Francisco area was able to have his denied asylum request re-opened for consideration. This individual was moved to the country when he was a teenager. His parents were apparently pro-government, and he was personally threatened and even shot by those who disagreed with his family’s political stance.

Approximately five years after arriving in the United States, this young man applied for political asylum. He claimed that he faced persecution and possibly death if he returned to his native country. His case sat in the system for nearly 15 years before his request was finally denied due to insufficient evidence that he was individually targeted. However, after appealing his case, a three-judge panel disagreed with the decision and reinstated his asylum case. If his asylum will be granted has yet to be determined.

Not all cases will sit in the system as long as this individuals did. However, asylum cases can take awhile and getting approval is not easy. When requests for asylum are denied, it can be disheartening. Those immigrants who are seeking protection, whether in California or elsewhere in the United States, but whose cases are denied can keep fighting for the right to remain in the country. An experienced immigrantion attorney can assist with initial asylum filings and appeals if necessary.

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