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Things to know about temporary work permits

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2016 | Employment Immigration

Numerous immigrants enter the United States every year for employment purposes — many coming to California. Some are looking for permanent positions, while others are only wanting temporary jobs. In either case, these individuals must obtain the appropriate visas or permits for their employment needs. This column will try to address some things that immigrants and employers need to know about temporary work permits.

Certain permits may be sought by immigrants themselves; however, there are others that must be obtained directly by employers. The most commonly sought after temporary work visa is called the “H” type. An H-1A applies to those who are registered nurses responding to a shortage in their field. An H-1B is meant for those in specialty fields, such as those that require a college degree or specific training. Finally, an H-2 is meant for those coming for agricultural work.

“H” type visas are limited every year. The number that will be granted in any give year is set by Congress. When they are gone, they are gone and they tend to go quickly — often in the first few months of being available.

Other commonly sought after temporary work permits include the L-1, O, P and R visas. These, again, are granted to those coming for very specific fields of work. Those who may not be sure what temporary work permits they require can seek the assistance of an experienced immigrantion attorney. With help, immigrants and/or employers currently in or interested in coming to California, can ensure the correct applications are submitted and the appropriate steps are taken in order to obtain the employment visas necessary.

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