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Homeland Security adds asylum seekers to apprehension numbers

On Behalf of | Oct 10, 2016 | Asylum

Millions of people have emigrated from foreign lands, often enduring much suffering on their way to California and other states. Many come seeking, stating that to remain in their homelands would pose imminent risks of violence, extreme poverty and even death. Typically, those seeking urgent permission to reside in the United States would not be categorized the same as those crossing the borders illegally.

There have been many reports in recent years of asylum-seekers undergoing much trouble in the United States. Many have been wrongfully detained in immigrantion detention facilities where claims of unhygienic conditions and severe neglect and abuse exist. Another issue appears to be that Homeland Security has been including those seeking refuge in legitimate ways with those who are apprehended at the border for trying to enter the United States without proper documentation, causing confusion regarding true numbers of unlawful entries.

The Institute for Defense Analysis recently stated that there has been a substantial increase in the numbers of people seeking asylum at the Mexican border. In the past, many crossing the border were Mexican males who were trying to avoid being captured. Now, there are thousands of Central American families turning themselves in and appealing to the United States government for assistance.

As many who have sought asylum in the past know, their challenges do not end once the cross the borders into California or other areas in the nation. Language barriers, difficulty understanding immigrantion laws and issues regarding places to live, jobs and education mean the transition to new lifestyles is seldom easy. Anyone facing problems under such circumstances may seek guidance from an experienced immigrantion and naturalization attorney who can clarify legal aspects and provide suggestions as to how best to proceed in a particular situation.

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