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Many seeking asylum never make it to the United States alive

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2016 | Asylum

Many areas in the world are filled with violence, extreme poverty and other unsavory living conditions that make survival difficult. Millions of people have fled their lands of origin, in quests to seek asylum in the United States. Their journeys to California and other states are often arduous. In fact, many die before they cross the border.

In another state, where the border lies adjacent to a desert, many immigrants find themselves facing tremendous challenges as they travel in search of better lives for themselves and their families. People of various ages, including minor age children and elderly persons, too, take on the glaring sunlight, heat and dry climate of the desert in the hope that U.S. officials will grant them permission to permanently reside within the nation’s borders. Often, those who arrive seek support and guidance as they attempt to lay down roots and create successful lives.

Sadly, however, many immigrants die in the Arizona desert before ever reaching their final destinations. At least 850 unidentified bodies have been found lying in the desert. These bodies were taken to a morgue where it was determined that most of them succumbed to thirst while trying to cross the border from Mexico.

Photographs were published online showing many personal effects of the deceased, including American currency, wallets, religious tokens and credit cards. Those in California and other areas who survive their difficult journeys often arrive in the United States with many unanswered questions regarding the asylum process. A logical way to get answers is to contact an immigrantion attorney for guidance.

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