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ICE in heated dispute with California law enforcement

On Behalf of | Feb 28, 2017 | Immigration Detention

Uncertainty continues to swirl around current and coming immigrantion enforcement policies here in San Diego and across California and the rest of the nation. After a recent raid on an El Salvadorian gang, a local police department and federal immigrantion officials had dueling accounts of what had happened.

In Santa Cruz, the police chief and assistant police chief said federal officials lied about a joint operation against the gang, assuring them that the raid would not include immigrantion-related arrests. On the other side of the story are the federal officials who say both law enforcement groups agreed before the raid that foreign nationals might be briefly detained.

Eleven people were detained on immigrantion charges.

A spokesperson for ICE said allegations that the agency lied to Santa Cruz law enforcement about the raid are “completely false, reckless and disturbing.”

The Santa Cruz sheriff said he no longer trusts the Department of Homeland Security and will not work with them again in the future.

The city’s mayor said she is “outraged” by DHS and ICE.

Here in San Diego, the NBC affiliate spoke with local immigrantion attorneys who said they are not yet sure about the roles of local police departments in upcoming federal immigrantion law enforcement.

The top brass at the San Diego Police Department, California Highway Patrol, San Diego County Sheriff’s Department and officials at universities and schools have all stated that their officers will not be enforcing immigrantion law.

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