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Attorney General compares border communities to ‘war zone’

On Behalf of | Apr 12, 2017 | Immigration Detention

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is widely regarded as a tough-talking politician who is promising big changes in law enforcement. In a recent speech, Sessions described the border as a “war zone.” Some immigrant rights advocates say Sessions is dishonestly misstating the reality of life in border communities such as San Diego, where crime has fallen to historic levels.

Christian Ramirez, human rights director for Alliance San Diego, said, “It’s not the reality of the border region.” He said Sessions insists on “on making the border region out to be a dangerous, lawless place,” adding that “these are just lies.”

According to the Union-Tribune, some immigrantion advocates in our city say Sessions’ remarks follow a pattern among Trump administration officials who visit border communities. They don’t meet with local immigrant community leaders and they overstate problems in the cities and towns along the border.

Sessions gave two speeches in Arizona: one to Customs and Border Protection officers and another to international police chiefs. He told the groups that he has told federal prosecutors to target cases of illegal entry, human smuggling and assaults on border agents. He also said that he wants prosecutors to consider filing felony charges against those accused of illegal reentry.

In addition, he said any adult apprehended along the border should be placed in detention.

Sessions said that this is now “the Trump era” and that border “lawlessness” must come to an end.

“This insistence to make our region out to be a place in which heinous crimes are committed is not only untrue but it’s quite a dangerous proposition,” Ramirez told the Union-Tribune.

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