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Understanding the process to becoming a U.S. citizen

On Behalf of | Jul 5, 2017 | Citizenship

Understanding how to become a citizen in the United States is important for many immigrants and their families. As such, knowledge of the citizenship and naturalization process is important. It is possible to become a citizen of the United States through either birth or naturalization. Fort those born in the United States, they are citizens at birth. In some circumstances, and depending on the law at the time of their birth, children born abroad to parents who are U.S citizens are also citizens. Because the laws change, it is important to be familiar with them and with current law.

The naturalization process is a process that allows those who are permanent residents for a period of time, which usually spans three to five years, to voluntarily apply to become citizens. Permanent residents are granted the ability to live and work in the United States which is usually referred to as having a green card. Green cards are typically obtained through family or through employment. Those who have been permanent residents for the required period of time can apply to become naturalized citizens.

The process of naturalizing requires the applicant to complete several steps. The first step is for the applicant to fill out an application. The applicant will also have to attend an interview with an immigrantion officer and take an examination concerning proficiency in English, civics and U.S. history. It may be possible to be exempt from the examination; for the applicant to take the examination in their own language; or for the applicant to take a simplified examination which makes it helpful to be familiar with the options that may be available. Lastly, the applicant must demonstrate that they are of good moral character.

Once a permanent resident has met all the requirements, a Naturalization Oath Ceremony will be held and the applicant will receive a certificate of naturalization and become a citizen. Understanding the citizenship process is important for many individuals who have the dream of becoming United States citizens and because the process can be complex, it can be helpful to have trained guidance throughout.