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Couple detained by Border Patrol following traffic stop

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2017 | Immigration Law

Immigration law and the way that it is applied can be complex. A couple was recently stopped and detained in the San Diego area for immigration violations. The couple was initially stopped for a cracked windshield and the man and the woman were then turned over to federal authorities. The couple was with their 14-year old daughter and 20-year old son at the time they were detained. The man noted that they were never asked their immigration status or issued a citation but were detained and not free to leave.

A representative for the United States Border Patrol confirmed in a statement that Border Control officials had detained the couple. Border Patrol confirmed that the man and the woman were both arrested for immigration offenses. The couple was released on bail but remain concerned that they may be deported and uncertain if that will happen. According to the San Diego Sheriff’s Department, initially involved in the stop, they will not stop and arrest individuals based on immigration law.

A representative for the department noted there is still an ongoing felony criminal investigation and that drug activity was suspected because of the nature of the couple’s vehicle. Deportation concerns related to criminal charges or traffic citations are a legitimate concern that may be on the minds of many individuals in the San Diego area. To help ease those concerns and potential fears, it is helpful to be familiar with the deportation and removal process and how concerns such as criminal history may impact the deportation process.

A significant amount of anxiety may understandably be associated with threats of deportation which is why it can help to have trained guidance throughout the process. Understanding how to navigate the immigration system can be of vital importance to both individuals faced with possible deportation and their family and loved ones.

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