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Deportation numbers down but more without criminal convictions

On Behalf of | Aug 16, 2017 | Immigration Law

Many individuals with and without criminal histories may be concerned about the deportation and removal process. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in San Diego is on pace to deport fewer individuals this year than last year, however, most of those deported this year do not have a criminal record. As of the middle of the summer this year, ICE had deported 16,599 individuals from San Diego and Imperial counties. When compared to last year, ICE deported 23, 719 individuals from the same region.

As the federal fiscal year ends in three months, it appears likely fewer individuals will be deported from the San Diego region this year than last. Through middle of the summer this year, ICE had deported 6,818 unauthorized immigrants with criminal records nationally compared to 9,781 individuals without criminal records that had been deported during the same time period.

More immigrants other than those with criminal records, which are deemed a threat to public safety, may be facing deportation. A new focus has shifted to removal of unauthorized immigrants who not only have serious criminal records but those that might have convictions for more minor criminal convictions as well and those that have removal orders from an immigration judge. National trends reveal more individuals with criminal records being deported than those without which is in keeping with historical trends. The trend varies in the San Diego area.

The deportation and removal process may seem hard to understand and predict which can increase anxiety for families and individuals facing potential deportation and removal. Understanding the laws and how they are being enforced may help individuals and families concerned about the deportation and removal process.

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