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How to obtain a marriage-based visa

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2017 | Family Immigration

Moving to the United States is the dream of millions of people across the globe. They come to the country to find work, safety, and a better life for their family. They do their best to reunite with their family as much as possible, which is where marriage-based visas come into play.

If you are aiming to have your spouse become a legal immigrant, you must follow a process that involves three important steps. The first is to file a petition for an immigrantion visa, also known as Form I-130. You will also need to pay the required filing fee.

Should you already be a U.S. citizen, and you petition for your spouse to move here, your spouse will not be placed on the waiting list. As soon as the Form I-130 is approved by the United States Citizenship and immigrantion Services (USCIS), the State Department will inform your spouse that they are eligible to apply for an immigrant visa. Should you hold permanent resident status, your spouse will be added to a waiting list. The spouse will wait to receive a number for an immigrant visa.

Should your spouse be located outside of the country when the petition for a visa is approved and an immigrant number is issued, the spouse will be directed to the closest U.S. Consulate to complete the process for an immigrant visa.

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