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What are residency requirements to qualify for naturalization?

On Behalf of | Dec 22, 2017 | Citizenship

If you’re considering applying for naturalization, then you’re likely familiar with some of the criteria you must meet in order to qualify.

First, you must be at least 18 years of age or older at the time you fill out the N-400 Naturalization Application. You also must already be a permanent resident, also described as being in possession of a green card.

In order to qualify for naturalization, it’s going to be necessary for you to be able to show proof that you’ve resided in the United States for as little as three years, provided that you’re married to an American. If you’re not, then you’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve lived here for the past five years.

Additionally, you’ll need to show proof that you’ve physically been here in the United States in the 30 months immediately prior to your filing of the naturalization application. Immigration officials may discount this time frame to just 18 months if you’re married to an American.

The final residency requirements that you must meet before submitting a naturalization application is to show that you’ve lived in particular United States Customs and Immigration Service (USCIS) district. You are required to have lived in the one where you’re applying for the prior three months.

There are exceptions to these rules. One such in and around to these proof of residency requirements may be that you can prove that your parent became a natural born or naturalized American citizen prior to your 18th birthday. If you’re able to demonstrate this, then your path to citizenship may be much more automatic.

If you’re considering applying for naturalization and you’re unsure as to whether you may qualify, then a San Diego, California, citizenship attorney can provide guidance in your case.

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