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Questions you may get asked during a family immigration interview

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2018 | Family Immigration

You’re hoping to get a green card for your spouse, making it easier for your whole family to live in the United States. You know that family immigration streamlines the process to keep spouses together.

You’re still nervous. There’s an interview to make sure that this isn’t one of the infamous “green card marriages” — that is to say, that you really got married because it’s what you wanted, not just to get that card for someone else. You don’t want to accidentally slip up during the interview and cast doubt on what you know is a sound marriage.

To help, here are a few questions you may be asked:

  • What time does your spouse wake up every day?
  • How much does the rent or the mortgage cost at your house?
  • What did you do the last time your spouse celebrated a birthday? When is that birthday?
  • How did the two of you meet?
  • When you met, who initiated that first conversation — whether it was online or in person?
  • What color toothbrush do you both use?
  • If you buy takeout for dinner, where do you usually get it?
  • How many brothers and sisters does your spouse have?
  • Who is your spouse’s closest friend?
  • The last time you had a fight, what caused it?

You may feel like these are pointless questions, but the idea is just to see how well you really know each other. These are simple questions that most married couples could answer with ease even before they tie the knot.

That said, if you’re nervous because you know how important this meeting is, you could stumble over things you actually know. It’s very important to plan and prepare for this immigration interview, understanding how it will go and what legal rights you have.

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