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Removal procedures must be handled carefully

On Behalf of | Feb 12, 2019 | Immigration Law

Immigrants facing deportation are forced to confront an uncertain future with the possibility of being sent back to a country with which they aren’t familiar. In some cases, this might even be a place where they are facing extreme danger due to civil unrest, outright wars, gang activity and other hazards.

There are many ways that a person who may be deported can face the situation. It is imperative that they understand these options and that they make decisions based on what they feel is best for their case.

Reason for deportation

The reason why you are facing deportation has an impact on what options you have. There are many factors that might lead the government to start these proceedings. For example, criminal charges can lead to a person who is here on an immigration status being removed from the country. Being caught without proper immigration paperwork can also begin this. Once you are aware of why you are facing deportation, you can determine how to address the matter.

Consider an adjustment of status

There is a chance that you can petition the authorities for an adjustment of status, which may result in your being able to remain in the country. Even if you didn’t enter the country legally, you might be able to avoid being deported. Because this option might take time, you should explore the possibilities as early as possible so that you can take the steps as early as possible. Several things are considered when you apply for an adjustment of status. These include your country of origin, your work, your family and any criminal history.

Evaluate leaving voluntarily

Leaving the country voluntarily might help you to preserve your right to come back without having to wait 10 years. This option is viable for people who can go back to their home country and wait there safely until they are able to lawfully come back to the United States.

Immigration matters are often complex and with the ever-changing laws, it can be difficult to handle possible deportation on your own. Working with an attorney who is familiar with the process can help you to know what options you have and how they might impact your future ability to enjoy living in the U.S.