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Review your family-based immigration petition carefully

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Family Immigration

Many people choose to come into the United States from other countries in an effort to live a better life. The opportunities here are amazing, but you have to ensure that you come in as a legal immigrant because failing to do so could badly limit those opportunities. People who are planning on coming here on a family-based visa must ensure that they have everything in order so they can enjoy the benefits of living in this beautiful country.

The immigration laws here are complex. Some might apply to you, but others might not. Determining which laws apply to your situation is a key part of immigration law. The attorneys in our office are here to help you work through the process of moving family members to the U.S. Sometimes, having another person review what’s going on could help you spot things that might have a negative impact on the outcome of your petition to unite your family in the U.S.

One important point that you must ensure you handle properly during immigration is the paperwork. This is often complex, and any mistakes or misstatements can mean an increased wait before the applicant can immigrate — or even a denial that will keep the applicant from immigrating altogether. We can review your paperwork to help you verify that everything is in order and avoid unnecessary problems.

We realize that you might feel a bit stressed about the entire situation. Whether you are the one who is coming here or the person who is sponsoring someone, we can work with you on your case. If there are any challenges that come up during the process, we are here to help you determine what options you have to handle them. Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for our clients.