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Employers sometimes struggle with employment visas

On Behalf of | Jun 21, 2019 | Employment Immigration

Companies who need talented workers will sometimes look toward immigrants to fill those positions. Coming to the United States on an employment visa or being able to remain in the country because of one is a big bonus to some of these individuals. It gives them a chance to do the job they love while building a nice life in this country.

There are many places where companies can find those workers. For many, looking for people at colleges and universities is the preferred option. This enables them to get fresh talent. People who are just graduating have a recent memory of all things that they learned in school. They also have the innovative thinking that can help them to thrive in their job duties.

Finding workers and getting them into the United States might not always be as easy as it might seem. Around 35% of employers note that they lose talent because of the H-1B visa cap, which limits the number of workers who can obtain and hold these visas.

Another problem is that obtaining the visa isn’t always easy, which puts a burden on the employers. Around 74% of employers say that being able to get visas in a flexible, predictable and timely manner is imperative for them to meet the goals they have for their business.

For the workers who want to get the employment visas, the process can seem to take forever. You should learn a bit about what it entails and find out what to expect so that you are prepared to go through it.