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The rights and benefits of citizenship

On Behalf of | Feb 20, 2020 | Citizenship

There are many rights and responsibilities bestowed upon a person who chooses to become an American citizen. For example, only a citizen is allowed to vote in most state and all federal elections. Those in California and throughout the country who choose to go through the naturalization process could also be allowed to become elected officials or gain access to federal government jobs. After a person becomes a naturalized American, it may be possible to bring other family members to the country.

Children who were born abroad could have an easier time becoming American nationals after their parents have completed the process of doing so. When a person decides to become an American citizen, he or she swears to forego any allegiance to another nation. A citizen is also expected to defend the laws of the country as well as serve in the armed forces if asked.

There are several soft requirements of citizenship such as making use of the right to vote. Those who are eligible to do so are encouraged to run for office or otherwise become an engaged part of the political process. Individuals who want to be citizens may be asked to serve on juries that decide the fate of those who have been charged with a crime. Finally, Americans are expected to treat everyone with respect regardless of their differences.

Obtaining American citizenship may allow individuals to obtain a variety of rights such as the ability to vote or hold elected office. An attorney may be able to help a person navigate the process of becoming a citizen in a timely manner. For instance, legal counsel may help a person prepare for the citizenship test or organize any paperwork that needs to be completed or submitted to the government.