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Immigration for international broadcasters

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2020 | Employment Immigration

International broadcasters who plan to emigrate to California to work for one of the media agencies that make up the U.S. Agency for Global Media may be eligible for green cards. Eligible broadcasters include writers, reporters, editors, producers, translators, hosts, news analysts, announcers, and others. Broadcasters do not include people who work in entertainment or IT or support positions.

To be eligible, people must meet certain criteria. The USAGM or a USAGM grantee must have filed an approved petition on behalf of the applicant. The applicant must be admissible, and there must be a visa that is available to him or her. The annual limit on the number of green cards under the USAGM program is 100.

For people who live in countries other than the U.S., their approved Form I-360 will need to go through consular processing. People who live in the U.S. must file Form I-485 after their Form I-360 is approved. Several documents must be submitted during the application process, including two passport photos, birth certificate copy, government-issued photo identification, passport, Forms I-94, fees, and others. An approved international broadcaster’s spouse and minor, unmarried children who are younger than 21 can travel with the broadcaster on derivative visas and do not count toward the annual cap.

Employment immigration offers a way for international workers to live and work in the U.S. and may lead to their eligibility for green cards. People who want to learn more about employment-based immigration and companies that wish to hire international workers might benefit from getting help from experienced employment law attorneys. The lawyers might explain the various types of employment-based visas and the eligibility criteria. They may help their clients to complete the petitions and gather the necessary documents to support the reasons why their petitions should be granted by the USCIS.