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What to know about the H-3 visa

On Behalf of | Apr 15, 2020 | Employment Immigration

An H-3 visa may allow an individual to take part in a training program offered by a trade group or school in California. To qualify for this type of visa, an individual will need to be invited to take part in the program by the entity that provides it. Furthermore, that person will need to explain how taking part in a training course will help his or her career and certify that such an opportunity doesn’t exist in his or her home country.

Those who receive an H-3 visa will not be allowed to accept formal employment offers in the United States. However, these individuals may participate in work opportunities related to the training program that they are involved in. To apply for an H-3 visa, an individual will need to submit both Form I-129 and Form I-727. An applicant will also need to provide evidence of a valid passport and a copy of his or her birth certificate.

Individuals who receive an H-3 visa are required to return to their countries of origin after their training programs end. As part of the application process, they must certify their intent to comply with this regulation. This may be done by establishing that they have a place to live or a job waiting for them after receiving training.

Those who are seeking to engage in employment immigration may have many ways to accomplish their goal. An attorney may help a person learn more about the different employment or professional development visas available to that individual. Legal counsel may also help a person apply for a visa or review the status of an application. This might make it easier to obtain authorization to enter the country in a timely manner.