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Different visas available to foreign dentists

On Behalf of | May 13, 2020 | Employment Immigration

Foreign nationals who want to work as a dentist in California or any other state may be able to do so. The type of visa that a foreign dentist obtains will depend largely on how long he or she wishes to remain in the country. It will also depend on whether an individual has a job offer from an American clinic or dental practice. Those who are residents of Canada or Mexico may be allowed to obtain a TN visa.

The TN visa allows a person from either of these countries to work in the United States as a dentist for three years. It may be possible to renew the visa after it expires, but it generally won’t provide a path to permanent residency or any other type of legal status in the United States. Perhaps the most popular visa for foreign professionals is the H-1B visa.

To qualify for an H-1B visa, an individual would need to have a standing job offer from a clinic or other dental practice in the United States. It is important to note that only 60,000 people are awarded an H-1B visa each year. However, those with master’s degrees get placed in a separate pool from which 20,000 additional people are granted such a visa. A person who receives an H-1B visa will be allowed to work in the United States for up to six years.

Regardless of the type of work a person wants to do while in America, that individual may want to talk with an employment immigration attorney. An attorney may be able to help foreign nationals learn more about the types of visas that they might qualify for and how to obtain them. Legal counsel may also provide insight into how to renew a visa that is about to expire.