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Supreme Court blocks Trump from terminating DACA program

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2020 | Family Immigration

The United States Supreme Court said “no” in response to efforts by President Donald Trump to end DACA protections for more than 650,000 young immigrants living in the country. This development is of great interest to the large immigrant population of California.


Family immigration attorneys say the ruling means the rights of “Dreamers” to work in America and enjoy a life free from the threat of deportation will remain intact for the time being. The justices rejected arguments by the Trump administration that the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program that began eight years ago under the Obama administration is illegal. Trump’s administration also asserted the nation’s highest court possessed no authority to review its decision to rescind DACA protections.


Supreme Court Justice John Roberts is the main author of the court’s decision and explains the Court did not interest itself with a determination regarding the soundness of DACA policies. Justice Roberts writes the Court is concerned only with procedural requirements that make it mandatory for the agency to explain its actions in a manner the court determines is reasonable.


Justice Clarence Thomas was the main voice for the dissenting justices. Thomas says DACA policies have been illegal since their inception. Justice Brett Kavanaugh added his own dissenting opinion to express his belief that the Trump Administration acted properly regarding efforts to end DACA.


A large number of young immigrants were illegally brought to America while they were still children. These young people did nothing wrong, and the DACA program provides them with protection from deportation to a country they do not know. DACA also paves the way for legal employment in the United States. The application process for DACA is both detailed and complex. The services of an attorney experienced in immigration law will help support a smooth process for youthful immigrants who wish to work toward a better life in America.