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What happens when visas receive a denial?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2020 | Employment Immigration

The United States issues an incredible number of visas to people all around the world. Business, vacation and family reunifications are among the reasons why people apply or petition for visas. However, not every visa application turns out the way people expect. Denials do occur, and the reasons for denials of California petitioners vary. Those suffering from a denial should realize that they may be additional steps available to deal with the matter.

When someone applies for a visa, the person must receive approval from a consular officer. The officer can approve or reject the visa application. Such approvals and denials may be temporary or permanent. When deemed permanently ineligible for a visa and outright denied, the applicant can take steps to request a waiver for ineligibility. Someone who commits fraud, for example, might receive a permanent rejection. The individual could seek a waiver, which may go in his or her favor.

Temporary denials require reapplying. When reapplying, the applicant must address the problem that led to the denial the first time. Someone who suffered rejection due to an incomplete application would need to submit a complete one the second time. Hopefully, after correcting the initial mistake or oversight, the second application might go through without any trouble.

Other reasons for the denial may include unlawful presence in the United States, risk of being a public charge, issues about qualification and intent, and more. Anyone denied a visa must look at the reason carefully to determine how to approach the new application or waiver paperwork.

Working with an immigration attorney may prove helpful when applying for visas. The attorney may assist with filling out the original paperwork to reduce the chances for errors and omissions. An attorney might also explain the reasons for a denial. The attorney may be valuable during the waiver request process, too.