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Lawsuit may help foreign nationals living in California

On Behalf of | Sep 2, 2020 | Citizenship

Advocacy groups Democracy Forward and the Catholic Legal Immigration Network, Inc. have issued a legal challenge to a Trump Administration policy. The lawsuit alleges that the rule makes it harder for certain groups to obtain permanent residency. It also claims that there was no reason to make the change and that the policy was carried out by someone who lacked the authority to do so.

Defendants granted special permission to live in the United States

Those who are given Temporary Protected Status are granted the right to live in the United States until political or economic conditions improve in their home countries. Individuals who had such status could previously obtain permanent residency status by leaving the United States and returning. Once a person becomes a permanent resident, he or she may be entitled to start on the path to becoming a full citizen.

President Trump took this option away in 2019

In December 2019, a policy alert was issued that took away this potential path toward becoming a permanent resident. According to legal counsel for the plaintiffs, this may increase the risk that one or more of these individuals are deported. An attorney for Democracy Forward said that many of those included in the lawsuit are at risk of being separated from spouses or children who are United States citizens.

If you are a foreign national who is interested in living and working in the United States, an attorney may be able to help you achieve that goal. Legal counsel might help you obtain a temporary visa or talk more about the process of becoming a permanent resident. If you do become a permanent resident, you may have an opportunity to become a naturalized citizen and enjoy the rights that come with doing so.