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Trump ends temporary protected status for some immigrants

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2020 | Family Immigration

California has one of the highest numbers of immigrants in the US. That’s why the recent decision by a federal appeals court will have so much impact in the state. In mid-September, the court decided, in a 2-1 vote, that the Trump Administration could end humanitarian protections for immigrants from countries like Nicaragua, Haiti and El Salvador as well as Sudan.

Understanding the issues

Temporary Protected Status is a humanitarian program. It allows people from countries that have been impacted by war or natural disaster to stay in the United States without the fear of being deported. The ruling could affect the legal status of up to 300,000 people who are currently in the United States. It says that the Department of Homeland Security has wide latitude in making judgements about immigrants’ status.

While this decision is a blow to activists for immigrants’ rights, the case may not be over yet. Plenty of advocates believe that Trump’s decision is motivated more by racism and toxic nationalism than by legitimate concerns. This decision may well be challenged in the coming weeks. President Trump has proposed numerous restrictions against immigrants during his term. Many of them have been found to be unenforceable and were reversed by the courts. There is still hope where this ruling is concerned, too.

Anyone who is affected by this ruling should seek help from an experienced immigration attorney. Over the past few years, the requirements for immigrants have changed frequently. A lawyer will be able to help people navigate this ever-changing system. There are plenty of lawyers in California who are experienced in defending their hard-working clients against deportation.