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Immigration changes are likely coming, though they may take time

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2020 | Family Immigration

The shift from one presidential administration to another always means that things are going to change, and the upcoming switch at the beginning of next year may have a massive impact on immigration.

Changes in government leadership often mean changes in immigration policies

One of the things that President-elect Joe Biden has said is that he wants to reverse policies put in place by the current administration. While President Trump had promised supporters that he would make massive changes when he ran for office back in 2016, Biden has taken the same tactic and vowed to alter these changes, eliminate programs and, in some cases, restore things to the way they were when he spent eight years as the vice president.

That said, experts note that it can take time for these changes to actually come about. It could be months. It could even be years.

How will this impact families who are trying to come to the United States?

It may make it easier for them to cross the border. They may have greater protections against deportation. They may have less of a risk of being detained when they do try to enter the country. The number of refugees admitted may increase. It all depends on what actual changes do happen, how long it takes to get them in place and exactly what the new policies and laws look like.

The immigration process is complicated at any time. Needless to say, it will be very important for all involved with this process to keep a close eye on these changes so that they can know exactly what legal options they have. Working with an immigration attorney can help.