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How old is the average immigrant? 

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2020 | Family Immigration

Some immigrants to the United States are already elderly, and they may be immigrating, in part, to be with their families in the final years of their lives or to get the medical care they need. On the other side of the spectrum, many immigrants are babies and young children being brought to the United States by their parents.

You may find yourself wondering how old the average immigrant is and how you and your family fit into that picture. Here’s what you should know.

Like others in this country, immigrants are an aging population

Interestingly, there is a clear trend when you look at the numbers: Immigrants are getting older

Back in 2000, the average immigrant was 39.2 years old. If you look at a 2019 report detailing the average age in 2017, just over a decade and a half later, it has risen all the way to 45.2 years old. In that time, the average immigrant has gotten to be six years older. 

What does this mean for the immigrant population? One thing to consider is that the average immigrant is likely a parent with children. While many children may still be minors, it’s also likely that many are adults in their own right. Some may have their own young children to bring with them. For instance, if someone had a child at 21, and their own child had a child at 21, they would become a grandparent at 42 — more than three years before reaching the average immigration age. 

Family immigration needs experienced guidance

For multi-generational families that are immigrating to the United States, the process can grow complicated. Be sure you understand exactly what legal steps you will be required to take.