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Does an employment-based visa also help your family?

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2021 | Family Immigration

If your employer needs services in the United States, they may want to transfer you. You could move from a location in your country of origin to a facility in the United States.

Obtaining a work visa can be a real opportunity for your career. However, it will mean leaving behind your home and possibly the people you love. The idea that you might have to endure a lengthy separation from your loved ones could be the only real drawback to a job offer or opportunity in the United States.

Do workers entering the United States with an employment-based visa have the option of bringing their family members with them? 

Yes, your visa may help you bring your immediate family

If you have an approved petition for an employment-based visa, you may be able to apply for immigrant visas for your spouse and unmarried children who are not yet 21 years old. Each member of your family will have to submit their own visa application and pay their own visa fees.

Just like you, they will have to undergo a background check and a medical examination. Every person seeking a visa connected to your employment visa will need to have a passport, civil documentation and medical examination records. They may also need to undergo individual interviews.

If the application process is successful, your spouse and children can potentially travel with you to the United States. They will be able to apply to renew their visa if you meet the criteria for doing so after your initial term in the United States. 

Families can sometimes complicate employment-based immigration

If your employer needs you in the United States, delays could disrupt the company’s plans. The more people with whom you intend to travel, the greater the risk of something going wrong with the application process.

Especially if your job opportunity is time-sensitive, it will be of the utmost importance that you carefully comply with each necessary step in the visa application process. Even if you have to travel alone, you may still be able to help your loved ones. If you secure a green card after working in the United States or complete the naturalization process, you will be in an even better position to help your closest family members enter the United States.

Learning more about employment-based immigration opportunities can help you share your good fortune with the people you love.