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Family immigration: Changing with a new administration

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2022 | Family Immigration

During new presidential administrations, it’s not uncommon to see U.S. immigration policies change. In January 2021, President Biden took office, and he has reversed several of the restrictions on immigration that were in place during the former president’s term.

One of the important changes is that President Biden lifted restrictions that had drastically reduced the number of visas available to come into the U.S. As a result, if you have been waiting for visa availability for a loved one or yourself, those visas should be opening up and making green cards more readily available over the coming months.

Family sponsorship is a wonderful way to get to the United States

Did you know that around 710,000 people became permanent residents through family sponsorship in 2019? According to the Pew Research Center and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, 69% of all green cards were issued to family-sponsored immigrants that year.

It’s important that the president has taken steps to increase the number of available green cards because a single country can only make up a total of 7% of all green cards issued each year. This is why so many immigrants wait such a long time to come into the United States.

Expanding family-based green cards is one goal the current administration has. The administration may do this by increasing the per-country caps and making sure to clear out backlogs of applications that are still waiting.

What should you do if you’re waiting for a green card?

If you haven’t yet applied for a green card, it’s important to take steps to make sure your application is thorough and that you supply all the information that the government requests. Do include a way to contact you, too, so you don’t miss important calls or letters about your application.

Since it may take time for a green card to be approved, you may also want to look into other legal methods of coming into the United States. For some, visiting on a visitor’s visa might be beneficial as they await information about a green card, so long as they do not work or stay in the country against the terms of that visa or ESTA arrangement.