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What factors are needed for an H1-B visa?

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2022 | Employment Immigration

An H1-B visa is a good way to come to America if you are going to be working for an employee in the country. Getting your H1-B visa will allow you to stay in the country while you work that specific job with requirements such as having a bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral degree or having an advanced vocational skill.

Some of the jobs that you can usually get with an H1-B visa may include the following:

  • IT specialty roles
  • Architect roles
  • Professor tenures
  • Accountant positions
  • Doctor positions

Essentially, these are skilled roles that need to be filled but that might not always be able to be filled by American people.

How do you get an H1-B visa?

To get a H1-B visa, you need to have the employer initiate the visa request. The employer will need to show that they have an open position but that they are unable to fill it by using an American worker. For example, a hospital may be looking for a surgeon who specializes in a particular kind of transplant, but the only surgeon who is willing to fill the role may need to come from outside of the country.

There is a cap on the total number of H1-B visas that are allowed each year. Usually, around 65,000 visa recipients can come into the country each year on this visa. Some of the visas are withheld for particular countries, though, so not all 65,000 may be open to you. There is also an exception to the rules that allows those with master’s degrees to be exempt from the visa cap if they are among the first 20,000 applicants with that degree level or higher.

Getting an H1-B visa can be complicated

It is reality that getting an H1-B visa can be complicated because of the restrictions on it. You are limited not only by having to have something to offer the country that its own citizens can’t provide but also by the cap on applicants each year. Your potential employer should apply for the visa as soon as possible, so you have the best opportunity to come to the country as planned.