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Prepare for marital green card interview questions

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2023 | Family Immigration

Green cards can be obtained by immigrants in several ways. For instance, some immigrants enter the green card lottery in the hopes of being chosen from among the thousands of applicants who qualify for permanent residency. Others could locate sponsors for their immigration in workplaces or teachers.

Marriage is a popular means of immigration to the United States and obtaining permanent residency. Through an application procedure, a spouse of an American citizen could be granted a green card. Part of the process is going through an interview to demonstrate that the marriage is not on pre-agreed arrangements made for the express aim of receiving immigration benefits.

The interview will typically include questions that help determine the authenticity of the marriage. Here’s what you should prepare for:

Talk about your spouse in detail

An immigrant may be asked about their spouse. The more the immigrant knows about the spouse the better the responses. Here are a few things to keep in mind during the interview:

  • It may help an immigrant to know what their spouse does for a living. Does the spouse work for a large company? Were they recently promoted? What type of jobs have they previously done? 
  • Knowing about the spouse’s hobbies could also prove useful. Does the immigrant’s spouse enjoy hiking or do they like to frequent movies? 
  • The immigrant may also know about their spouse’s family history. Does the immigrant’s spouse have any siblings? What type of relationship does the spouse have with their parents? 
  • An immigrant may also be asked how they met their spouse. This may also lead to questions about how long they have been together.

These questions may seem personal, but they can help the interviewer understand the legitimacy of the marriage. It’s important to give thorough answers and expect unexpected questions. Immigrants may need to get legal help to assist in a smooth transition.