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California immigrants fearing home persecution can request asylum

California immigrants may be heartened at the case of a Guatemalan immigrant who recently received asylum from the United States government. The man recently discovered he was one of the only survivors of a village massacre apparently sanctioned by his homeland's government. He was kidnapped as a young boy and raised by a soldier's family as their own child. His asylum request came after he discovered the kidnapping and realized he could face personal harm if he ever returned home.

Family seeks U.S. asylum after multiple members killed

San Diego residents with family members in drug-ridden countries may be interested in a story about a family seeking asylum. The matriarch of the family initially refused to leave her homeland, even after the deliberate murders of several of her children and other family members. After her grandson -- the last of her family left in Mexico -- finally gave, she has requested asylum across the border in our country as well, hoping to escape the drug wars of her own country and rejoin her family already here.

Mexican political asylum requests doubled in past year

A San Diego news article highlights the soaring numbers of Mexican citizens claiming political asylum over the past year, likely due to escalating drug violence in the country. In 2010, approximately 3,200 Mexicans requested political asylum, with only 49 Mexican citizens being approved. That number has almost doubled since then, with more than 6,100 people requesting it in 2011. Nevertheless, only 104 people who requested asylum over the past year were granted it.

Man seeking asylum in California detained for 13 months

A Cuban man was scheduled for an asylum hearing recently in San Diego after being detained by U.S. immigration officials at the San Ysidro Port of Entry over a year ago. The man previously spent more than 10 years in a Cuban prison for speaking out against Fidel Castro and is once again hoping to be freed, this time in the United States. The Department of Homeland Security considers the man a threat against national security, but the man's lawyers and the American Civil Liberties Union of San Diego and Imperial Counties dispute that claim. The ACLU has sued on the man's behalf, hoping to have him released from the detention facility until a decision is made regarding his asylum application.

60 deaf immigrants seeking asylum in the US

California residents may have mixed feelings concerning a recent set of asylum applications. What makes these applications somewhat unique is that they were filed in bulk, and they concern some 60 immigrants who are all deaf. Most of those seeking asylum currently reside in the Inland area of California, near the California School for the Deaf. They allege various types of persecution in their homelands.

Deportation stalled for gay Ugandan immigrant

Citizenship can sometimes be a long and uphill battle for immigrants arriving from other countries. Every moment, it seems as if you may be at risk for getting deported from the United States. This is precisely what a Ugandan man living in San Diego faced as his visa expired and he became subject to deportation and removal proceedings.

California man denied asylum, faces deportation

Last year, a man was arrested for alleged immigrations violations. He and three others had been former soldiers suspected of involvement with a massacre in Guatemala in 1982. His arrest meant that he could be deported and sent back to Guatemala.

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