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Immigrantion and legal marijuana use: What you need to know

It's no secret that noncitizens are facing tough times in the United States right now and that immigrantion and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers are taking a hard approach to immigrants whenever there's a question about whether or not something is a deportable offense.

DEPORTACIÓN DE GASTÓN CÁZAREZ... "Esto ya estaba planeado"

Jan Joseph Bejar, abogado de Gastón Cázares, hombre que se presentó ante las autoridades de inmigración con la esperanza de recibir un permiso especial debido a la condición de autismo de su hijo y que según su defensa, menos de una hora después fue detenido y enviado a la frontera en un vehículo particular, dijo en NTN24 que "eso ya lo tenían planeado, sabían lo que iban a hacer".

Woman claims miscarriage after being detained at San Diego border

Two Latin American women argue that they each lost their pregnancies after being taken into custody by United States Customs and Border Protection agents since July 2017. In both instances, the women were first detained by border patrol officers, then transferred into the custody of immigrantion and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.

Entregan Premio Ohtli 2017 a Jan Béjar, fundador de la La Clínica de la Inmigración de la Universidad de San Diego

SAN DIEGO.- Defender, proteger y protestar en contra de las condiciones injustas a la que muchas veces se ven sometidos los inmigrantes en este país, es un trabajo que Jan Bejar, reconocido con el Premio Ohtli 2017 (Ohtli Award 2017).

Sanctuary jurisdictions fight, try to comply with Trump orders

Sanctuary cities and counties in California and across the nation are struggling with confusion and disarray as they deal with anti-sanctuary measures undertaken by the Trump administration. There are approximately 200 sanctuary jurisdictions in the nation. They, and some jurisdictions that do not have sanctuary policies, risk losing federal funding if they don't comply with administration orders on cooperation between local law enforcement and immigrantion authorities.

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