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August 2012 Archives

Domestic violence victim receives asylum in U.S. 15 years later

Immigrants who have experienced domestic violence may be interested in a story about an Indian woman who finally received political asylum from the United States. The woman escaped a serious domestic violence situation in her home country 15 years ago, but did not receive asylum until recently. The ruling of the judge has finally allowed her to have peace of mind.

Justice Department denies license to immigrant who passed the bar

A California man is battling to receive a license to practice law, but is being prevented from obtaining one by the government. Many immigrants seek out a work visa as a way to enter into the United States prior to applying for citizenship. In addition, recent changes may make it easier for some undocumented residents to gain lawful employment through work visas. In this case, although this man is in the country illegally, he put himself through law school and has passed the bar exam but may not be able to work as he intended to if the government wins their argument.

Help for San Diego residents seeking temporary work permits

In our post on July 6, we outlined the new immigration policy that may help as many as 1.39 million young people in San Diego and across the U.S. who are currently in the country without legal documentation and wish to obtain work permits. Certain undocumented immigrants seeking temporary work permits will now have the opportunity to receive one for $465. Beginning in mid-August, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services will start taking permit applications. These applications will be up for renewal every two years. Some exemptions to the fees will be considered, but the majority of the costs will be taken on by applicants and not by taxpayers.

Judge grants Muslim man citizenship after USCIS rejected him

San Diego readers might be interested in the immigration victory of a Muslim man. The citizenship and naturalization process can be full of red tape, and one man has experienced that after a lengthy legal battle against immigration authorities. A judge has since ruled that authorities drew the wrong conclusions about the man's faith, and he is now set to become a citizen of this country.

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