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33,400 immigration violators must be locked up continuously

Believe it or not, the U.S. Congress several years ago passed a provision that requires the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) to keep a minimum of 33,400 illegal immigrants locked up at all times. In California and throughout the country, the average detention cost is $120 per day. This has cost the taxpayers $2 billion per year. The Obama White House recently made budget requests to cut the immigration quota but the U.S. Congress has rebuffed those efforts.

Women for immigration reform protest in front of U.S. Congress

The intransigence of the U.S. House of Representatives on the immigration bill has created demonstrations throughout the nation's capital. In California, grass roots groups continue their efforts as state legislation favorable to the immigration reform movement is passed. At the U.S. House, one group of prominent women organizers is joining hands in a prolonged demonstration to tell recalcitrant Congresspersons that women and children are the recipients of the unfairness imposed by current immigration laws and policies.

Protestors hit multiple immigration issues while Congress dallies

Once you've known the loss of everything in life it's much easier to take risks in the future. Seven illegal immigrants chained themselves to a fence at the White House on Sept. 18 in a protest against deportations of illegal immigrants who had hoped to be legalized by now. This was done as the U.S. House of Representatives contemplated taking up immigration reform. Many calling for immigration reform in California and elsewhere are dedicating their efforts to influence conservatives in the House to act.

Immigration Trust Act may relieve deportation surge in California

The Trust Act is all about a lack of trust between the state and federal governments. The California Senate recently passed the Trust Act and, after another review by the house, the controversial immigration legislation will go to Governor Jerry Brown for signature. It's not definite that he'll sign it because he vetoed it last year. The Act would restrict local police from detaining undocumented immigrants without serious criminal records on behalf of federal immigration authorities.

Asylum may be granted based on fear of facing gang persecution

Generally, getting asylum requires an immigrant to prove that he would be persecuted by the government of his native country if deported back to it. A federal case out of another circuit, along with a few other cases, seems to indicate an expansion of that principle. In light of that case, California immigrants and those located elsewhere may be able to get asylum based on the fear of returning to private gang persecution.

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