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Immigration attorney can help with obtaining a status adjustment

On Behalf of | Feb 26, 2015 | Family Immigration

The state of California often serves as a hub for those wanting to start a new life on American soil. While there are those who only wish to stay for a brief period of time, there are others who truly want to make the United States their new home. Working through the immigration process to make that happen can be a difficult, confusing and emotional experience. An immigration attorney may be able to help make it easier to handle.

Immigrants who are currently living in California may, at some point, wish to seek an adjustment of status to gain permanent residency. As with all things related to immigration, certain policies, protocols and guidelines must be followed in order for this to happen. It is not uncommon for challenges to arise that may delay the process or result in an application denial.

An immigration attorney can assist in a number of ways, including helping their clients through the application process, finding appropriate grounds for a status adjustment, preparing filers for immigration interviews, appealing decisions when necessary and so much more. As the specific needs for every person are unique to his or her individual circumstances, an attorney can help find solutions that fit those needs. To learn more about how a lawyer can help with your immigration needs, please visit our San Diego Adjustment of Status Lawyers webpage.

Seeking an adjustment of status does not have to be a scary or confusing thing. Help is available. An experienced immigration attorney can assist California residents who are ready to seek permanent residency status achieve their goal.