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San Diego Adjustment of Status Lawyers

At our law firm, one of the most valuable services we offer is adjustment of status. Adjustment of status is a benefit for individuals who are in the United States already and want to apply for permanent residency (a “green card”). Our law firm in San Diego, California, assists individuals throughout the United States with this process.

What is the Process for Adjusting Status?

The Law Offices of Jan Joseph Bejar, A Professional Law Corporation, has nearly 40 years of immigration law experience. We have the knowledge and understanding of the process to guide clients through this process. We assist clients with:

  • Finding a basis to immigrate
  • Filing a petition
  • Checking on visa availability
  • Filing the application to adjust status
  • Interviewing with the immigration officer
  • Following up on the decision on your case

Overcoming Potential Challenges

For many individuals, a problem arises when their presence in the United States is unauthorized or illegal. Some individuals who are in the United States without permission do not realize that if they leave the United States they may be stuck outside the country for 10 years. This can occur even if they successfully re-enter. Our lawyers can help with situations like these.

We take the time to go back into an individual’s history and search for a legal way to adjust their status and make their presence in the United States legal. This requires paying special attention to each client’s special set of circumstances. No two immigration or deportation cases are alike, and careful analysis is essential for each case. Our office prides itself in giving each client the time and attention necessary to accomplish this goal.

Many of our clients tell us that they entered the United States illegally. We go the extra distance and ask our clients “How did you enter illegally?” We need to know all of the information in your case because it can be used to help you. For example, if you walked or drove across the border and were not asked any questions, an attorney can argue that you were inspected and admitted. Our experienced lawyers have successfully argued this on many occasions and have helped clients develop strong arguments for their cases.

Contact Our San Diego California Immigration Status Attorneys

Our San Diego adjustment of status attorneys understand the intricate immigration rules and can help you. It is extremely important that you have an experienced attorney who keeps up to date with the latest changes to help you because if you do not submit complete forms, your application may be delayed or denied. To schedule a personal consultation contact us by email or at 619-291-1112.