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June 2015 Archives

Immigration attorney can help with fiance visas

Marriage is filled with challenges -- they simply come with the territory. However, even before I do's are said, there are those residing in California and elsewhere who are faced with the obstacle of getting their soon-to-be spouses the documents needed to both enter and remain in the country. This may not affect a large group of people, fiance visas are available for those in this situation. The problem, though, is that these visas can be difficult to obtain.

What form is needed to apply for Unlawful Presence Waivers?

Numerous immigrants currently living in California and other areas of the United States who are immediate relatives of citizens, but who have not yet obtained the appropriate documents to remain in the country, may be required to return to their native countries in order to interview for immigration visas. The thought of being separated from one's family is understandably frightening. It may be possible to shorten the length of separation by filing for Unlawful Presence Waivers before leaving the country.

U-Visa to offer deportation defense for some in California

It is no secret that many immigrants fail to report crimes due to fears of being deported. It is sad that anyone should feel they have to remain in horrific circumstances just to stay in the country. Lawmakers in California, in an attempt to help these victims, have passed a bill making it possible for these individuals to obtain a certain type of visa that will serve as a deportation defense.

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