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Immigration attorney can help with fiance visas

On Behalf of | Jun 19, 2015 | Asylum

Marriage is filled with challenges — they simply come with the territory. However, even before I do’s are said, there are those residing in California and elsewhere who are faced with the obstacle of getting their soon-to-be spouses the documents needed to both enter and remain in the country. This may not affect a large group of people, fiance visas are available for those in this situation. The problem, though, is that these visas can be difficult to obtain.

The fiance visa is quite unique. This is because it involves two individuals having to submit separate applications in different places. It starts with a U.S. Citizen filing a petition for the visa. If that petition is approved, that individual’s fiance will then be able to submit a formal application at a consulate.

If both applications are approved, the fiance visa will be issued, and the non-citizen finace will be allowed to enter the country for one reason, and one reason only — to get married. There are certain qualifications that must be met before applications are approved. Stipulations are also placed on the visa which, if not followed, can result in deportation. More information about the specifics of this type of visa is available on our firm’s San Diego Fiance Visa Lawyers webpage.

While fiance visas have different sets of eligibility requirements and restrictions, obtaining one can be just as difficult to achieve, if not more so, than other visa types. Couples should not have to be kept apart any longer than is necessary to secure the appropriate documents. An experienced immigration attorney can help with the entire process, from the initial filing to preparing and representing the client and even appealing rejected petitions — if needed. With the right assistance, California residents can get their fiances into the country as quickly and smoothly as possible so that their hopes and dreams of futures together can become a reality.