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The basics of a fiancée visa

On Behalf of | Aug 5, 2017 | Family Immigration

United States citizens have the right to marry whomever they choose, regardless of which country the fiancée is from and may petition to have their fiancée brought back to the United States for the couple to marry and begin their lives in the U.S. together. It is important, however, to understand how to complete the proper paperwork to ensure that proper immigration status is secured.

The U.S. citizen is the one that applies for the visa petition and once it is approved, the fiancée will be interviewed for eligibility to enter the U.S. In most circumstances, an interview will be required so it is helpful for the couple and the fiancee to be prepared for what to expect and how to navigate this process. Fiancee visas, or K-1 visas, are unlike other types of visas. Requirements for a K-1 visa include that the couple must have met in the two years preceding filing the paperwork for the visa and both parties must be legally free and able to marry.

The visa will allow a one-time entry into the United States for the fiancée so that the couple can marry. Once the fiancée is in the United States, the couple has 90 days to legally marry and then apply for an adjustment of the immigration status. For two years following, the immigrant spouse enjoys conditional residence in the U.S. which can later be changed to permanent residency.

There may be a lot riding on a fiancée visa for the couple which is why it is helpful for them to be familiar with the process of applying for a K-1 visa and to know what to expect. The process can be complex and may take more time and expected or wished for so it is helpful for the couple to have trained guidance throughout the process of applying for a fiancée visa.