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3 requirements you must meet to obtain a fiancé(e) visa

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2021 | Citizenship

Finding someone with whom you want to spend the rest of your life is invaluable. Love knows no boundaries, so you could easily fall in love with someone you met on a business trip or someone that you connected with online initially.

While the heart does not acknowledge geographic restrictions, the government typically does. You can expect to face stressful limitations when you decide you want to marry someone who is a citizen of another country.

Thankfully, the law in the United States does allow you to sponsor your fiancé(e) for entry into the United States. Still, there are strict limitations on fiancé(e) or K-1 visas. What standard will you have to meet to secure a K-1 visa for your partner?

You will have to establish a legitimate relationship

One of the main concerns of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the prevention of intentional abuses of its visa programs. You will need to establish evidence regarding the validity of your relationship.

Letters sent back and forth, pictures of your time together and even social media posts can help show that you have a real relationship that other members of the community know about and support. Generally, the USCIS expects to see evidence that you have met with one another in person unless there are religious or cultural restrictions preventing you from doing so.

Your fiancé(e) will have to pass a background check

Your fiancé(e) could have medical issues or a criminal record that might impact their ability to enter the country on a K-1 Visa. One of the most important steps of the process involves the USCIS performing a thorough background check. Your fiancé(e) will likely also need to submit to a medical exam.

You must plan to marry in a timely manner once your fiancé(e) arrives

You will not necessarily have the opportunity to plan the wedding of the century from scratch when your fiancé(e) arrives. A K-1 visa requires that you marry within 90 days of their entry to the country. If you do not get married in that time frame, your fiancé(e) may have to leave the country.

Understanding the restrictions that could affect the fiancé(e) visa you hope to seek can help improve your chances of successfully reuniting with your partner.