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July 2015 Archives

Is one's sexual orientation a reason to be granted asylum?

It seems impossible to go throughout the day without hearing something about problems relating to sexual orientation. This is an emotionally charged matter from all viewpoints, and it is something that affects people on a global scale. Regardless of where one stands on the issue, there are those whose lives are threatened because of matters of this nature. Some of these individuals are immigrants who desire asylum and the right to live anywhere in the country, including California.

More temporary work permits may soon be available for farmworkers

A bill that is currently working its way through the approval process in California may help numerous immigrants across the state who are working on farms. Known as Assembly Bill 20, if passed, this measure will grant temporary work permits and deportation relief to undocumented farm workers. It is believed that this will help approximately 500,000 people.

Ready to apply for citizenship and naturalization?

While not every immigrant that comes to the United States desires citizenship, for those who do there may be a lot of question about when and how they can apply. The road to acquiring citizenship and naturalization is not necessarily a walk in the park, so to speak. There are very specific requirements those residing in California or elsewhere will have to meet before such status is granted.

Work visas -- for California and other states

The H-1B visa program allows foreign workers to temporarily hold employment in specialized fields within the United States. These work visas, petitioned for by employers in California and other states, can remain in effect for up to six years. There are certain requirements of eligibility for both the prospective employee and the employer filing the petition.

California immigration: Health care for undocumented children?

Those residing in California who are undocumented face a number of challenges. The goal of having a better life in the United States is not as easy to attain as one would think. While there are many problems affecting these individuals and their families, having access to health care services is certainly a major concern. Navigating through the immigration process can take time, but time is something some do not have when dealing with health issues. To help with this, lawmakers are trying get a budget approved that would grant undocumented children access to medical services.

Undocumented immigration increases California population

It was recently estimated that nearly 7 percent of the population in California includes residents who hale from foreign lands. Undocumented immigration is estimated to reflect the statuses of nearly three million California residents. A recent study from the Public Policy Institute of California concluded that many of these immigrants came to the United States from Latin America.

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