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The two most common ways to obtain permanent residency (green card) are through a family member who is a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident, or through an employer who needs your particular skills. Whether you are an individual trying to unite your family or an employer trying to keep a skilled worker, our law firm can assist you with your immigration matter.

At the Law Offices of Jan Joseph Bejar, A Professional Law Corporation, we care about immigrants and their families. Our commitment and dedication to our clients are evident in the way we handle each case. One of the most rewarding parts of our work as lawyers is uniting families and assisting employers in keeping the skilled workers who they need. Our founder, Jan Joseph Bejar, is certified by The State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization as an immigration and nationality law specialist.

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What Types of Green Cards are Available?

Our law firm can assist you with obtaining your green card in one of two ways:

  • Green card through family members: United States citizens and lawful permanent residents have the right to file a petition to bring certain family members to live permanently in the United States. The goal behind this type of green card is to promote family unity. There are different waiting periods for family members depending on your relationship with the petitioning citizen or permanent resident and your country of birth. In order to find out more about how to unite your family you need to speak with an experienced attorney at our law firm. Let our firm bring unity to your family.
  • Green card through employers: Another way to obtain a green card is through an employment-based petition. In most cases, the process begins with filing a labor certification with the Department of Labor. The labor certification process involves advertising for U.S. workers, and the labor certification is filed if no qualified U.S. workers respond to such advertising. Additionally, following the labor certification approval, the employer must show that it has the ability to pay the employee the prevailing wage for the position. Our firm can assist in this type of petition.

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Our San Diego green card attorneys are able to guide you through the immigration process. You can contact our law firm by email or by calling our office at 619-291-1112 to schedule a personal consultation.