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Thousands of immigrant workers are welcomed into the United States each year. Often individuals believe they need a work permit to enter the United States. In actuality, workers need a temporary work visa. Different categories of visas allow professionals to enter the United States. Each category has its own specific qualifications and rules. Following the rules is important in order to ensure that your immigration status is handled correctly. Our law firm can guide you through the process.

At the Law Offices of Jan Joseph Bejar, A Professional Law Corporation, we are dedicated to assisting clients with their immigration issues. Located in California, our San Diego temporary work permit attorneys serve clients throughout the United States. Founded on the principles of respect and individualized client services, our law firm has nearly 40 years of immigration experience in handling temporary work permit. Our attorneys can help you through the process.

What Types of Work Visas Exist?

Each visa has a different purpose and caters to a different type of work. Some of the more popular visas include:

  • E-1 visas: This is a visa that allows an individual who is from a treaty country (a country that has a treaty of commerce and navigation with the United States) to enter the United States for the purpose of international trade for himself or herself.
  • E-2 visas: If an individual from a treaty country is investing a substantial amount of money in a United States business, this visa may be available to him or her.
  • H-1B visa applications: This visa is for an individual who works in a specialty occupation. It requires a great deal of knowledge in a specific area and a professional university degree or its equivalent.
  • H-2 visas: There are two types of H-2 visas. One type is for seasonal agricultural workers while the other type is for seasonal nonagricultural workers.
  • L-1 visa: This visa allows for companies to transfer managers, executives and specialized workers between affiliated companies. The employer must have two companies, one in the U.S. and one abroad. The employee to be transferred must have worked for the company abroad for at least one year out of the last three years as an executive, supervisor or in a specialized capacity.
  • O visas: This visa is for individuals who have extraordinary abilities or achievements. There is a range of educational fields that can be drawn upon for these visas, including the sciences, arts, education, business, athletics and artistic fields.
  • P visas: This group of visas is for internationally recognized individuals such as athletes or entertainers. Other P visas are for artists or entertainers in reciprocal exchange programs or a culturally unique program.
  • R visa: This visa is used for religious workers who want to enter the country to work in a religious occupation.

Complications with U.S. Work Visas

Work permits for the United States provide a wonderful opportunity for individuals to enter the United States to share their skills and abilities. However, these visas are not as straightforward as they seem. For this reason it is important to have an experienced attorney help you with this process.

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